AccuProbe™ Soil Sampler

'Soil Sampling Simplified'

Naber's Ag Equipment LLC no longer manufactures the AccuProbe Sampler. However, we will continue to support those machines that are still in service with replacement probes (both new and rebuilt), and full-service repair on the rest of the machine.

The AccuProbe™ soil sampler is designed for the agri-business or farming operation that needs to take a large number of samples every year. AccuProbe™ is a hydraulically powered push type core sampler built specifically for the purposes of pulling samples for the ag sector.
  • The AccuProbe™ soil sampler is unique in that it is able to take a deep, subsoil core sample along with a shallower, topsoil sample with one stroke of the probe into the soil. This is possible due to our own patented, stainless steel probe and collection method.
  • AccuProbe™ is a fully automatic soil sampler, one press of a button starts the cycle and the machine takes over from there to collect the sample, at the depth you set, and then deposit the sample in the collection box.
  • Automatic soil sampling means uniform, accurate sample depth every time.
  • Total soil sample depth is field adjustable from 0-30 inches and topsoil sample depth is adjustable from 6-12 inches.
  • Typical cycle time for a 30 inch sample is 17 seconds.
  • The AccuProbe™ soil sampler is completely unitized to simplify truck installation. There are no hoses or electric wires to connect to your truck, just route the control box through either the rear sliding window or the passenger side window.
  • Fastens to your truck with only 1 bolt to your properly secured bumper hitch, installation takes only 5 minutes.
  • Redesigned probe tip greatly improves soil flow into probe chamber in soft or very wet soil conditions.
  • Stainless steel soil probe and collection box for increased wear resistance and minimal sample contamination from iron compounds.

Product Specifications

  • Engine: 8hp Briggs & Stratton IC w/12 volt start and charge system.
  • Hydraulics: 11gpm, 2 stage pump, 5 gallon reservoir.
  • Control: 12 volt electric over hydraulic w/LED progress indicators, automated sequencing.
  • Capacity: Sampling depth adjustable 0-30 inches.
  • Weight: 1100 pounds, approximate.
  • U.S. Patent #6,360,829

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